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While Duval’s international community of fans is still busy praising his latest success, the composer sets off towards new horizons.
He is interested in the conversion of his ideas and inspirations into visual concepts, and draws up surrealistic computer graphics, screen-prints of which draw a great deal of attention, especially within the artistic community in Munich. (Quotation from the booklet accompanying the 3 CD box "Spuren")
Here you can discover the picture creations of Frank Duval (digitally processed pictures with silk-screen printing on silver carton and metal sheets) and Kalina Maloyer (oil on canvas). If you are interested in the originals work, please use the contact page.

Kalina Maloyer - in this woman from Slovakia, he not only finds a new partner for his life, but also, as he himself says, his "muse, his inspiration, and at the same time his harshest critic". The painter inspires Duval and advises on his work, harmonizes with him in song and writes most of the lyrics."

(Quotation from the booklet accompanying the 3 CD box "Spuren")