The eagle will lead you back to the beginning of your journey
Pictures from the actual 3 CD box "Spuren" (Universal)     
The eagle is for me the symbol of freedom and independence. In order to see over the valley with all its shadows I have to climb the mountain. He who strives to reach its height, must work not only on his body, but also on his mind. And in proportion to the force and energy spent, he will obtain his reward.
In a metaphorical sense, I mean the valley and the shadows are the ego.
Only through sacrifice, suffering, experience and effort, I come to recognize who I am, what I miss, where I want to go. And so I must come out of the “lawfulness” that governs the valley. I must follow the law of the heights. Of love, of truth. And when I achieve this, I will overcome the valley and the shadows. I will be free. Like the eagle.
Frank Duval

Unless otherwise stated, the texts and quotations on this website are from the booklet accompanying the 3 CD box "Spuren", published by Universal/Brunswick.