The eagle will lead you back to the beginning of your journey
He is someone who has never allowed commercialism to clip his wings, and who has always, for over 30 years, continued to open new musical frontiers.
Still searching, hungry, and outside conventional pathways, Frank Duval has long since escaped from the "golden cage" of show-business, and is again heading towards new artistic experiences
The composer and virtuoso of sounds, who catered for “international highlights” with his albums, and has “often been copied” (Munzinger Archiv), has remained settled, but musically, he remains out of reach. Frank Duval has written a section of German television and pop-music history, which is, as yet, open ended, as we shall still hear from him and see him.
This CD, "Spuren" (Paths), is a collection of his works, "paths" he leaves behind, which are, for this reason, simply signposts and memories for tomorrow. Whoever should follow these, will, but not in every case of course, feel affinity for Duval’s music - and will definitely feel the prevailing, timeless strength within all his songs - that allow soul and feelings, like an eagle, to rise again and again, to be carried away
. (Quotation from the booklet accompanying the 3 CD box "Spuren")
"Spuren", 3-CD-Box, Universal / Brunswick,
Catalogue no. 585 973-2, published in December 2001. The list of tracks of the 3 CDs can be found in the downloadable booklet here.
If you would like to preview the albums, we present you with three examples of the CD "Spuren" in mp3-format:
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He is the undisputed number one among German composers for film and TV music, and belongs to the very best of the European elite in this field.
Hamburger Abendblatt

His LP melodies are something to dream with, for romantic rapture, they touch your heart. Frank in our hearts...

He is the king of film and TV music composers, and there is a saying in the industry: A gangster film only becomes a hit when Frank Duval’s music is in it.
Carolin Reiber,
Tele-As, ZDF