The eagle will lead you back to the beginning of your journey
He is someone who has never allowed commercialism to clip his wings, and who has always, for over 30 years, continued to open new musical frontiers.

Frank Duval, composer, musical arranger, keyboard player, singer, producer. The Berliner, who made the Spanish island of La Palma his home, belongs to the most creative and versatile sound creators on the international musical scene.

When it comes to making well defined melodies, innovative sound and demanding lyrics blend harmoniously together, there is no one like him. An effectiveness that makes an impression. Duval manages to touch and reach out – as the eagle on the covers of his albums symbolizes. This music is the eagle with powerful wings. It captures, raises, carries away and opens itself to discover
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Duval’s rise in the musical world began in the 70´s. In the midst of the disco craze, he produced completely different sounds, softer tones, and, overnight, became one of the busiest television songwriters. Professional circles proclaimed him the magician of film composers.
In spite of mastering the T.V. media so well, Frank Duval refuses to be classified as a “film music composer”. Since 1983, freed from the limitations of screen plays, he has conceived his own albums, which belong among the musical jewels of the European art of entertainment.

(Quotation from the booklet accompanying the 3 CD box "Spuren")